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Birchcrest Tree and Landscape Inc. provides delivery of clean, seasoned firewood to Rochester. NY and surrounding areas. All firewood supplied by Birchcrest is chosen from locally obtained, pest-free hardwoods. Logs are professionally cut and split to a consistent length and size, then fully seasoned. We deliver locally within Monroe County.
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Local. Seasoned. Firewood.

Using seasoned firewood from urban tree removal offers numerous benefits, making it an environmentally friendly and practical choice for heating and cooking. Seasoned firewood, which is wood that has been dried and aged for an extended period, typically one to two years, comes from trees that our team has removed from the local area for various reasons like safety, disease prevention, or urban development.
Urban tree removal often results in a surplus of wood that would otherwise go to waste. By utilizing this resource for firewood, we reduce the need to cut down healthy trees in forests, thereby conserving natural habitats and biodiversity.
Transporting firewood from remote forests to urban areas consumes energy and produces emissions. In contrast, urban tree removal and the use of local seasoned firewood minimize transportation-related pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It also prevents the spread of potentially harmful pests.
Seasoned firewood from urban tree removal is generally more affordable than firewood bought from commercial suppliers. This cost savings can make heating and cooking with wood a more economically viable option for many households.
Purchasing seasoned firewood from local tree removal companies or arborists like Birchcrest Tree and Landscape helps support the local economy and small businesses.
Utilizing seasoned firewood from urban tree removal is a sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly choice for heating and cooking. It supports our local Rochester economy, reduces environmental impact, and contributes to cleaner air quality. By making the most of wood resources that would otherwise go to waste, we can foster a more sustainable and resilient approach to energy consumption while enjoying the warmth and comfort of a crackling fire.
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