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Turning Beautiful Ideas into Realities

A property's landscape is in constant evolution. Whether you envision a backyard dream or seek seasonal upkeep, the Birchcrest Tree and Landscape team is equipped to handle the task. With over four decades of experience, we excel in implementing landscape designs and delivering maintenance services for residential, commercial, and municipal properties. We look forward to crafting a landscape that you will be proud of.
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Landscape Design & Installation: A Three-Phase Process

Step 1. Consultation

During consultation our designers will meet with you to discuss your landscape or hardscape goals for your property. We will review which plants, colors, and styles of materials you prefer to ensure you are matched with a beautiful outdoor living space. If you are unsure about any of these choices, our experienced landscape professionals can make suggestions that will work with your property and provide a comfortable experience. The designers can present examples of completed designs, or you can check out some of our recent work in the gallery.

Step 2. Design

Using the most up-to-date design tools, our design team will create a rendering of your requirements. This is usually completed within one to two weeks. The presentation includes:
  • A full-color computer-generated design
  • A project cost estimate
  • Information about our guarantee policies
  • Design details and options
  • Other information about products and our company

Step 3. Installation

Once the design is approved and the contract is signed, our installation specialists will begin to work on your project and build it with the highest quality materials.

Landscape Maintenance

Spring Clean-Up

It’s always exciting when spring turns the corner, but it also accompanies a considerable workload. Leave it to the professionals to take care of your spring clean-up project for you. Spring clean-up generally includes:
  • cutting down last year’s dead twigs $ stalks
  • raking out leaves and debris
  • creating a crisp, new bed edge
  • fluffing existing mulch/adding new mulch
  • applying a granular weed control product to help maintain a neat appearance
  • popping in some bright new plants for color


Adding mulch to your tree beds is the single best thing that you can do for the health of your trees. It is a great way to protect the soil underneath your plants, which makes it easier to water and keep them healthy. The mulch also keeps nutrients in the soil, preventing them from washing away with each rainfall, and will eventually break down to add additional nutrients to the soil. In addition, it’s aesthetically pleasing and can complete the look of a landscape.


Edging is often combined with mulching as it tightens the landscape. Not only does it make a crisp and tidy look, but it also makes it easier to mow. If you’re not interested in a spade edge, we can discuss a more permanent edging material with you.

Shrub & Hedge Pruning

Without regular maintenance, shrubs and hedges can become unruly. Our team is skilled in both formal, well-groomed appearances and more natural styles. Should your shrubs require revitalization, we are equipped to restore their vitality and beauty.

Fall Cleanup

If you clean up your yard before the snow falls, your spring clean-up crew will thank you! In the fall, we will help prepare your property for the dormant season by cutting down old perennials, cleaning up dead leaves and debris, and ensuring your landscape is prepped for the winter months.

Landscape Maintenance

We offer annual, semi-annual, or monthly maintenance programs customized to your specific needs to ensure your property maintains the desired appearance.