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June 17, 2024

The Green Hornet

Back in the day before Superhero movies took over thecinema, we loved to watch The Green Hornet on TV.  I thought Britt Reid was the coolest, and mysister loved the late, great Bruce Lee as Kato. What’s not to love about two hot guys keeping us safe from bad guys?

At Birchcrest, we like to think of ourselves as keeping the world safe, not from bad guys, but from bad bugs.  

The new one in town is the dreaded Box Tree Moth. It’s not a green hornet, but very destructive to boxwoods. Which, unfortunately, are everywhere. It’s the latest China import, and we’re not happy about it.  

Solutions? Stop importing from China? Not a realistic plan.I love my affordable stuff from Amazon as much as the next person.

There is a solution. Reach out to your Birchcrest GreenTeam. We’re not as cool as Bruce Lee, but we’re better at killing bugs.