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November 29, 2023

Give You & Your Landscape An Early Present

Give You & Your Landscape An Early Present

With the holiday season just around the corner, may we suggest an early present for your landscape? The present I’m talking about is a full growing season of professional pampering with a Birchcrest lawn care and/or Plant Health Care (PHC) program. Birchcrest lawn care and PHC programs are all inclusive.

Lawn care includes fertilization at just the right times of the year, beginning first thing in the spring and continuing all through the season to the fall. Our lawn care professionals spot treat for weeds and apply pre-emergent crabgrass and broadleaf weed killer. They also check for grubs and treat for them if they’re present.

PHC programs depend on the mix of trees and shrubs you have and their health condition. Some or all may need fertilization in the spring and fall. During each monthly visit our PHC professional checks for any diseases or insect activity and treats accordingly. Anti desiccant application can be added to protect your broadleaf evergreens and confers. The PHC professional may also recommend special treatment for any unusual conditions your plants may have.

These maintenance programs provide you with peace of mind, confident that we have visits scheduled at times when all treatments will be the most effective. You can enjoy your beautiful, healthy landscape without having to worry about making sure you have the materials on hand and can fit their applications into your busy schedule.

Renewals have been sent, or will soon be sent, to current lawn care and PHC customers. We urge you to open the big, thick envelope as soon as it arrives. Notice that there’s a discount for returning the renewal with pre-payment by the deadline. The saving can be substantial.

When we make applications, you’ll know that we’ve been there by the invoice hanging from your front doorknob and the ubiquitous yellow signs that New York State requires us to post. The good news is that, if you prepaid, the bottom line on the invoice will read, “Please Remit: None.”

You haven’t been on a lawn care or PHC program before? This would be a good year to give yourself an early holiday gift that will last the whole year. Just contact our office and one of our professionals will visit you to inspect your property, review your needs and expectations with you and prepare a proposal.

It may be strange that we’re promoting next season’s maintenance when you’re just winding down last season’s work and preparing for winter. However, we have to place orders for our fertilizer and pest control materials very soon in order to take advantage of supplier discounts, so we can pass them on to you.