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July 9, 2024

Curb Appeal

Is it Shaggy?

If you love reggae, it’s him.

If you watch Scooby Doo, it’s him.

In 1.4 seconds, a potential buyer has decided if they like the looks of your house. Is it Shaggy? Yes? Then it’s a quick click of the mouse and they’re on to the next house. You need to sell your home, but and also want top dollar, meaning your front façade needs to shine. So, paint the front door a color that pops, clean up the beds, and add potted flowers.  

Now the buyer likes what they see and have scheduled a visit.

By the time they reach the front door, they’ve decided if the house has been lovingly maintained or neglected.…it’s called “The Money Walk”.

If your “Money Walk” looks shaggy, we can help improve the curb appeal to get you top dollar. Be sure to contact us today for a free consultation.