Your landscape is a constantly changing aspect of your property. Birchcrest Tree and Landscape offers a variety of services to help you maintain the beauty of your home and landscape. We can schedule annual, semi annual, or even monthly maintenance programs that are customized to your specific needs.

We offer the following Landscape Maintenance Services:

  •  Mulching

    A fresh coat of mulch conserves soil moisture, adds organic matter, and gives your property a neat appearance. For the health and beauty of your landscape, we specialize in high quality, natural brown hardwood mulches. Our skilled crews can transform your landscape from drab to dramatic with a topdressing of mulch!

  •  Edging

    For a crisp look and easier mowing, we can create a fresh, new spade edge for your landscape beds. Whether combined with mulching, or just added to neaten your existing landscape, edging completes the look. And if a spade edge is not what you're looking for, we can install more permanent edging materials.

  •  Shrub and Hedge Trimming

    Is your landscape having a bad hair day? We can tame those shaggy shrubs and overgrown hedges into shape with a good trimming. Whether you prefer a formal look or a more natural one, we can make it happen. And if those shrubs are in need of rejuvenation, we can help get them back to their original beauty.

  •  Spring and Fall Clean-up

    Our experienced crews can get your property into shape by cutting down old perennials, cleaning up leaves and debris, and getting your landscape neat and ready for the season ahead.

  •  Drainage Solutions

    If you have a drainage problem in your yard that’s a nuisance, Birchcrest’s professionals can help you find the solution. Some of our drainage improvement services include:

    • Installation of French drains, curtain drains, and surface drain systems
    • Re-grading soil around the house to help redirect water away from the foundation, and creation of drainage swales and dry wells where appropriate
    • Improvement of drainage in landscape beds to help correct wet planting areas
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